The global force for sustainable social change through sport

How we’re doing it

Since 2009, we’ve:

  • created events reaching thousands of innovators and change makers across three continents
  • Built a network of over 2,500 organisations reaching 140 countries using sport as a catalyst for change
  • Facilitated over $1.5m to projects and built safe sport spaces
  • Developed and delivered successful partnerships with many of the world’s leading sport teams, leagues and brands
  • Celebrated, rewarded and provided a global platform to over 250 organisations
  • Facilitated policy and research on sport’s impact on meaningful subjects from girls’ education to child protection to refugees crisis
  • Raised awareness and prompted inspiration of thousands through our Ambassadors and high-profile and influential supporters
  • Work closely with our sister company, thinkBeyond, to ensure that our experience and expertise can be shared around the world

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